3 Ways to Wear: Olive Trousers

Ok guys. This might be my only type of post from now on. I have to admit this was super fun to style/design/dream up. I really hope you like it!

olive pants worn 3 ways.1

I am suggesting everyone owns olive colored pants. Why do I say this? Because I spent the last 3 seasons not having mine anymore (after a sad bleach incident). And there were several times each week I had an outfit that would go perfectly with them. I knew once Fall arrived I would start seeing them again on shelves and online. I actually did wear them 3 days in a row even after a coconut milk spill haha.  I found these Santeen Toothpick pants on sale at J.Crew just this last week. They are currently on sale for $69.99. I actually just bought the pink pair as I went to go get the link for you guys. lol seriously?! wow.

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