1 Dress 2 Ways


The Look: I truly believe almost any dress will look good with sneakers. I wanted to find a sporty yet fem dress that could go both ways, dressed up or down. If you’re wanting to achieve the look try a button up dress for starters. These are super nuetral and easy to style.

cmc_one_dress_styled_two_ways_05 cmc_one_dress_styled_two_ways_13cmc_one_dress_styled_two_ways_04 cmc_one_dress_styled_two_ways_14 cmc_one_dress_styled_two_ways_15

The Mind: During the last few years I’ve been trying to be everything. A business owner, marketer, designer, fashionista, content creator, artist, and the list goes on. I’m trying with all my will to hone it, consolidate and choose wisely.

Why is it so hard to commit and just pick one thing?


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Photography by: Julia Maya

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