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Once again you guys I opened up on my summer shoes and found one pair of busted Rainbow sandals. How does this happen from one season to the next? This makes more sense if you read this post. Luckily that means I must not have spent any money on summer shoes last year–go me! But this year, I need to invest in a good summer sandal. So I’ve displayed for you the choices I considered before buying. I like to do a big search and see what’s out there before I give my final answer. I went with 1,5 & 6. 1 & 6 haven’t arrived yet but I think they should be good basics for mixing a variety of outfits with. I will say #5 is super cute and goes with many dresses and adds an instant cool girl vibe. BUT they do hurt real bad around the ankles. I need to find a way to cure this. I did wear them for about 4 hours and an entire trip through the mall & Ikea–so maybe that’s not a fair measure. Let me know if you have any secret fixes for this. Toodles!

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top: similar // skirt: similar // heels: exact // clutch: exact // sunnies: similar // Necklace: exact

Guys…we’re cool with mixing gold and silver now right? Ok good. Ahh, I just love when the walls of fashion come crumbling down!

How fun is this monogrammed clutch? Mary sent it to me as a surprise—she’s such a sweetheart! You can even select the color the stripe!

This past weekend I spent Easter my boyfriend’s parents home. At one point, his aunt and mom were discussing 80′s styles like high waisted jeans and crop tops. They were joking about how atrocious they were. Then my boyfriend pops into the conversion and blurts out “Haley has tons of those!” His mom looks at me all surprised so I had to back peddle a bit and explain how to style them. The assumption is your slapping on a crop top and some ultra low rise cut off shorts while letting it all to hang out. I would have assumed the same thing about 5 years ago. I was out of shape and not really feeling very creative with my wardrobe. But this time around it’s different. If you pair your crop top with the right high waisted skirt or shorts it can be very charming. I just may have to send this post to his aunt and mom :)

One more thing, these shoes. I’d be resisting them for SO long. But they’re actually very easy to walk in with a solid heel. I feel as if they opened up a whole new sector to my wardrobe that I never knew exhisted. It’s like that one staple piece you’ve been missing for a long time that just helps all your random clothing come together to form an outfit. Now if that’s not closet magic I don’t know what is!

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